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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vistaprint and Currently

I got an email from Vistaprint this week with lots of freebies being offered.  I have used Vistaprint quite a big in the past.  I love all the freebies that they offer and I use some of their offerings in a little different way.  Here are the things I ordered this time around.  In the past, I have also personalized business cards and used them as punch cards for students.  When they get 20 punches (they can earn two a day).  I also have a heart hole punch I use when students go above and beyond.  Students get the heart punch in addition to the others they earned.

Here is a banner I got for my desk.  I ordered a similar one a couple of years ago.  It is big enough for kids to see my name and they use it all time.  Plus, it's cute!

  I made IPICK magnets for students.  I plan on sending these after our lesson on choosing books.  Hopefully, this will be helpful for parents. 

I'm also going to send this home.  I think it will be a handy guide for parents to help support their child. (Don't mind the typos- I did fix it, but I guess I took the screen shot before.  

My students have decodable readers that they take home twice a week.  Parents have to sign the front cover after their child reads and then return it to school.  In the past,  have pick up "Please sign & Return" stickers from the Dollar Tree,  but I like to change it up a bit.  I have one other stamp, but I like that these don't have to have a stamp pad- way less mess!  The red stamp is the only item I paid extra for- I thought red would show up better than the free black stamp.  The other picture are return address labels that I'm going to use.  I ordered some last year that were similar, but not as cute as these.  
At the beginning of each year, I do a Star of the Day activity.  I chose a student's name and they are the Start of the Day.  We do a ton of activities for Star of the Day.  I am planning on posting more about Star of the Day later on.   I'm going to use this as a photo prop.

I'm going to use this as an incentive for students to tie shoes.  I have SO MANY that don't know how, and I don't have a bunch of extra time to teach them.  They also get to sign a poster that I have in my classroom.  

A cute notepad for me- I'm obsessed.  

And some cute cards for me.  A teacher's got to have some cute stuff, too.... right?

So, I had to play around $20 for shipping, but I still think I came out ahead.  I think personalized things are so special.  If you have never ordered from Vistaprint before, send me your name and email and I can forward you a $5 coupon.  
or you can use this link. 
Cool, huh??? 
If you have ordered from Vistaprint, share what your favorites are!

Now it's time for Currently- I'm finally getting around to it! 

I'm hoping to get into my classroom this week and start working on some small stuff.  
How much do you work in your classroom over the summer?

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  1. That would be great! I'm planning on putting in a big Vistaprint order shortly. I would love the coupon! Thanks!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. I just sent it- hope it comes in handy!

  2. Great ideas from Vista Print! Thanks! I am trying NOT to go into my room yet, but I'm getting that "itch" so I may end up there soon. Ha ha!

    I'd love the $5 coupon too.


    Teaching Little Miracles

  3. Wow, you got some great stuff! I'd love the coupon too!

    Strive to Sparkle

  4. I have sent everyone's coupon.... enjoy!