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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer break is BUSY! and I added to a FREEBIE!

Wow!  This break has gone by super fast so far!  My very first day of break, I started teaching an intersession  introductory speech class through a local community college.  It was a little strange to have such big students- haha!  It was a good experience, and I think I would like to continue teaching college classes from time to time.  (I think they really liked my smelly markers, too.)  The class that I taught was actually in my hometown, so I stayed with my mom for the week.  It felt good to be back home for a little while.  

And my most exciting news?!  Yesterday, we bought a new Jeep!  My husband had an older Jeep that I absolutely loved (but stunk at driving).  He decided to sell it, so we made a deal that if it sold I would get a new 4-door Jeep.  (This is also my very first brand new vehicle, which is way exciting!)  We went and picked it up yesterday and I love it.  I'm just itching to get the top off of this baby.  We are planning to get some black wheels for it, too.  In LOVE!
Other than vacation to Florida next month, the rest of summer seems to be pretty open.  It is a great feeling to be able to relax at home with my husband that I didn't get to see much during the school year because of his sucky work schedule.  We recently became bicycle riders, too, so that is a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I finally gave in to the teaching in me and decided to start working on some things for my classroom next year.  It will be my first time implement Daily 5 (and hopefully CAFE, if I can wrap my brain around both) and I'm very excited/nervous.  I got several other teachers in my school on board with it, so I feel a little responsible for its success.  I updated my Daily 5 posters, so if you downloaded be sure to go get the new ones.  I added some different clipart and check off sheets for each Daily 5 components.  My thought with the check off sheet is to laminate it and then write each student's name with a permanent marker.  Then, I will have a dry erase marker that he/she can use to put a check next to his/her name after the component is finished.  Hopefully, this will help me keep track of where students are and need to go.  

I ordered these baskets from the Dollar Tree for our Daily 5 book bins.  

I really wanted to order the cute ones from Really Good Stuff, but they are so expensive.  It would have taken a huge chunk out of my requisition money to get them.  So, for now we will have these.  My plan is to make some cute name tags with the Boston Terrier clipart for each student.  I think I will laminate and attach them with book rings because I have a million of them.  However, if I find some cute paw print ribbon, I might just change my mind.  ;)  I will let you guys know if I make some name tags, and post new ones for free.  

I think TpT is great, but I have decided that I'm not going to spend hours upon hours making things to sell.  I will just make items that I want to use in my own room and then offer them for free.  As a teacher, I LOVE free stuff, so I'm going to stick to just giving back.  Hope you enjoy what I have!

Hope your summer is going great so far!  Let me know if you have any awesome Daily 5 or CAFE ideas- I would love to check out some other teachers' ideas!

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  1. Your Daily 5 posters are adorable! For last several years in my classroom my theme has been dogs. I'm switching to bees next year (I think)... but I will save these. Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I am a huge dog lover, so I immediately fell in love with the dog clipart.

  2. Hi Erin! I was just wondering about you yesterday. Congrats on the JEEP! How exciting!
    Thanks for the freebie. I'm still on the fence about Daily 5...thinking about joining up with the Seusstastic blog Daily 5 book study so I will get with it! :-)


    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Thanks for stopping by! So glad you mentioned the book study- I think I might just participate! I'm sure it would be much easier to learn and develop a plan with others. Thanks!

  3. I love dogs, too, and I really love your posters. Thanks for sharing!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  4. Congrats on getting the Jeep! It's always so exciting to get a new car! Thanks for the Daily 5 posters!! The dogs are adorable!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. Congrats on the Jeep!! It is always so exciting to get a new car. I love the new car smell. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you stop by my blog when you have time.


  6. Thanks for stopping by everyone. I visited you all today and I'm now following each one! We haven't had a chance to get the whole top off of the Jeep yet, but the front panels are off, at least. Loving summer break so far!

  7. I am beginning the D5 in my first grade classroom this year as well. I have found some wonderful things on Pinterest. Check my boards. Why recreate the wheel right? Caryl Phillips

    1. I've been doing lots of Pinterest stalking, too! hehe I'm following your Daily 5 board now! :)
      Thanks for stopping by!