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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dollar Tree Finds

I finished my 2nd 5k of the month (one more to go) this morning and then decided to run by the Dollar Tree.  I was on that side of town and who really needs an excuse to buy classroom stuff, right?  I went in thinking I don't really need anything at all.  I came out spending $25... isn't that how it always works?
Look at the first thing I found:
My kids love using these with our SMARTboard!  The last couple that I bought were $4 each, so these are a steal!

Then, I grabbed a package of sentence strips because that's what I do every time I'm there.  It's a sickness, I think.

Then I found these:

There are several different sets, so I'm planning on using them in a few different ways.  They are much smaller than a regular cookie sheet, so I will be able to easily store them on my shelves.  Yay!  They had several different shapes/styles.  (Note:  I got them out to play with them and I maybe needed one size bigger.  I decided to store magnets in bins instead of the on the trays so that kids will have time to create on the pans.)

I liked this pack because I think students will be able to use it to create sentences. There weren't any end marks or capitals which is a problem because I really need those skills reinforced.
So, enter my idea:  I am going to laminate some tiny band aides (or maybe even the circle ones) so that students can put them over the letter at the beginning of the sentence or at the end where the end marks belong.  Hopefully, they will be excited to do this and remember those capitals and end marks!

I also had to get a few other things- a new stamp pad, some cute bookmarks, Halloween stickers, and... tattoos!  These are probably going to be used for really special occasions.  So, all in all, a productive Dollar Store trip.

be watching for this post...

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  1. We love pointers and sentence strips too! Seems like you can't get enough. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Love love love the Dollar Tree! I'm with you I always go and really don't need anything and walk out with $25 worth of stuff! It looks like you got some really great deals!!

    Live Learn Teach for Life