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Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Product Ever! & Glitter Makes Everything Better

When my husband brought the mail inside today, he handed me this.  
I was like a kid on Christmas because I knew what was going to be inside.  The awesome people at Classroom Friendly Supplies sent me one of their wonderful pencil sharpeners to test out.  I was excited, but at the same time a little big skeptical.  I mean, they claim it is the quietest and greatest pencil sharpener ever... that's a pretty big claim.  I have always had an electric pencil sharpener in my classroom that does a fairly good job- it was going to be hard to convince me that a manual pencil sharpener is worth the extra effort. 
Then, I tried it.... and oh me, oh my... it really is great!
The first pencil I tried to sharpen was a brand, spankin' new pencil.  Smooth as butter- and the pointiest, point I've ever seen on a pencil.  Really!  

Next, I tried one of the worst kinds of pencils ever.  You know the ones I'm talking about- those cheapo pencils with the plastic outside that gets all kinds of messed up when you sharpen it.  I first sharpened it in my regular, electric sharpener.  Here was the result.  This is actually one of the best jobs my regular sharpener has ever done with this kind of pencil.  Minimal shedding of the icky plastic stuff.  Also notice that the point is not completely pointy.
Then I stuck this pencil into my new sharpener... and Wowie, wow, wow!!! (Junie B. voice, please) 

Not one little plastic whispy thingy hanging on it all!  Check out the point, too, pointest point you ever did see, right?  Aaammmaaaaaaazing!
It really was quiet, too.  There were a few times I wasn't sure I got the pencil in correctly because it didn't sound like it was working, but it was.  It's really that quiet. 

I will now tell anyone that will listen about this awesome pencil sharpener.  I won't even tell you how many of these I sharpened today, just for the fun of it.  My students will not be allowed to touch my new toy classroom tool.  Ever.  It's mine, all mine!

So, the bottom line is- you need one of these bad boy.  Head over to this website and grab one up!  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Do you like my page on Facebook yet?  If not, you should.  If so, you saw this picture this afternoon.  

Did you wonder what I was up to?  Well, since I'm a little overwhelmed with my new teaching assignment (I mentioned it in this post) I decided some glitter would make me happy.  Makes perfect sense.  I pinned the idea from Lesson Plan SOS a long time ago and today I decided to do it.  I wanted to use the glitter clothespins to hang student work in the room, so I wanted to attach thumbtacks to the back.  I hot glued the thumbtacks to each of the clothespins first.  
**Do not do this first like I did.  Glitter first, clothespins second.  Trust me.**
Then, I put my glue on one plate (you could also probably use Mod Podge, but I didn't.  I'm a rebel, I know.  I just pushed the clothespin into the glue and then into the pile of glitter and then lay them out to dry.  Easy, peasy... unless you are a ding-dong like me and have thumbtacks on the back and they won't lay flat anymore.  In this case, find a cardboard box to stick the pins into to dry.  
And look at what you get... gorgeous, huh?  I decided to just do two colors, pink for the girls, silver for the boys.  After they dried, I took them to school and added them to my student work wall.  

I love, love, LOVE how it turned out.  I just need to add students' names and then it will be all finished.  What do you think?  If you love it, I would love for you to pin it with the button below!  :)  
How are your rooms coming along?  I'm getting closer to being done, but I decided I'm taking tomorrow off from classroom stuff and spending the day with my husband. 
 Happy back to school, everyone!

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  1. I have that pencil sharpener, and when I brought my brother to school this week to help me set stuff up, he sat for 30 minutes just sharpening entire boxes of pencils he found in my room. It is so awesome!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Whoa! And yours is red! I ordered green ones last year (they only had blue or green at that time) and they are wonderful! I'm loving the red ones! Red goes better with my color scheme this year! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us