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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tell me more, tell me more- Linky Party!

I'm joining up with Mrs. Lemons at Step into 2nd Grade for her Tell Me More, Tell Me More Linky Party.  Since I started blogging in February, I've met some great fellow teacher bloggers.  I feel like I already know some of you very well, but who doesn't love learning some juicy secrets??? That being said I don't know if I have any really juicy gossip to tell you about myself, but here are some random facts about yours truly.  

1.  Everyone might already know this, but I must share again... I'm a proud dog Mama to Patton and Keva, our two German Shepherds.  My dogs answer to a bunch of different names because we're always calling them by new nicknames.  Aren't they smart?  Some of my favorite nicknames are:
Kever Beaver
Mama (she has pups before we adopted her)
Grandma (she's getting to be an old lady, but still hyper as a puppy!)
Keva Krazy Pants (I always picture crazy with a K for this one)

Patter Pats
Patty Pat

I'm also married to a great guy. (I call him Nater Tater quite often.  I think the dogs like their nicknames more than he does his nickname.)

2.  About that great guy... he's a cop.  Yep, that's right... I'm married to the same guy that makes me slam on the brakes when I'm speeding through town and see the black and white car.  When he is in the car with and I slam on the brakes at the sight of a cop car, he laughs at me.  Apparently, by the time you actually see the cop car it's too late to slow down.... Bummer.  

Cop, can you tell?  hehe
3.  I two different colored eyelashes and eyebrows.  White eyelashes on my right eye and black on the left.  Weird, huh?  Also, the hair on the right side of my head is red and the left is brown.  I guess this is kind of like a birthmark or something.  Most people think I've dyed my hair and can't believe that it's natural.  It's hard to find a picture that really shows the coloring.... You can see it somewhat in this picture.

4.  I hate to do put away my laundry and it drive my husband crazy.  If it were up to me I would just live out of clothes baskets, instead of a closet.  Luckily, all I have to do is put away my clean laundry because my husband does the rest... am I a lucky girl or what???? He also vacuums- I so love him!

5.  We have recently started cutting highly processed foods from our diet.  It actually has been pretty easy and we've both lost weight.  The greatest part?  No more low-fat or fat-free foods- only the real, yummy stuff.  So we will eat real butter, drink whole milk, and eat full fat cheese, but no more artificial colors, sweeteners, etc.  The website that really got me started was "100 Days of Real Food".  If you haven't heard of it, you should check it out.  We have more energy and feel so much better without all the junk.  

6.  I love shopping, but hate paying full price for clothes.  I love getting compliments on my outfits- especially when I know how cheap they were.  It doesn't matter to me where my clothes come from- if I think it's cute, I'll buy it!  I love shopping at Kohl's, Target, Walmart, Gap, and J. Crew.  I'm so okay with pairing my J. Crew pants with a Walmart top- I'm not afraid! LOL... and along those lines- I hate most clothes that say the brand name across them.  I have very few pieces that do- mostly PJ's or workout clothes.

7.  My blog posts come off way more restrained and serious that I really am... I'm working on it!  I think I'm afraid of sounding like someone that is rambling and has no idea what they are talking about it, so I hold in my inner commentary.  I've decided to let it out- so BEWARE! *insert evil laugh here*

8.  I feel guilty about charging people for my products, so thus far everything I've posted is FREE.  I know that I'm a cheapo and feel bad for charging people for things.  Did anyone else feel like that in the beginning?  If so, how did you get over it?  Of maybe I should and keep everything free- good karma and all, right?  Hmmmmm..... me thinks I have some thinking to do.... 

9.  I want more followers... so send 'em over people!  I'll do my best to get you more, too!  I feel like if I don't have many followers than it's kind of like I'm talking to myself.  As a cop's wife I spend enough time alone, talking to myself my dogs... that's probably not a good thing- am I right?  Especially, when I start answering for them.  
Me: Do the puppers want a treat?
Dogs (Me):  Yes, Mama, we want a treaty-poo.... please, please, look how good I'm being. I'll sit for a treat!  I love treats!  
Me:  You're such smarty pants, Kever Beaver and Patter Pats.  Mama loves you!

Is that embarrassing enough for ya?  

I hope you've enjoyed my rambling, probably mostly incoherent random facts about Muah (is that how you spell it?  Think Miss Piggy's voice).  

There are about a billion people already linked up (okay almost 300, but WOW!) so I have a lot of blog stalking to do.  Can't wait to find out your inner most secrets!  Peace out!


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  1. New follower here. Thanks for the freebies, I feel that same way too. I love to share things, as an only child I dont know where I learned to share but anyway....great blog.

    1. Awww, thanks. I feel like sharing most of the time... until it's time to go shopping and I wish I had more moolah! LOL

  2. I just joined int he fun too . . . better late than never! I love that you are going to be letting it all hang out this school year. Bring it girl! Great post today :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. Better late than never is okay! Loved your tell me more, too!

  3. I have a german shepard. Her name is Twix and she's a year old. She still has not realized how big she is and thinks that she only weighs 15 pounds still (she's currently at 85). But I love her anyway, even when she tries to sit in my lap.

    Diving Into Learning

    1. Ah, yes... the wonderful German Shepherd lap dogs! We like to call ours German "Shedders" sometimes, too, because of all the fur they shed!

  4. I just got a dog (for the first time in my life) and he has so many nicknames! I think he might have an identity crisis haha. I also talk to them all day long when my husband is gone. I thought I was crazy!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. I totally make up new nicknames for my dog all the time too!! His name is Max and I like to call him Max Wax or Maxy Wax Wax! Haha!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  6. Nice to meet you! Farley sent me over. Glad she did =) Come check me out at Teach on a Limb


  7. I have to laugh at the cop car comment...I live on a farm with two houses, big driveway....a cop rents next door....Last spring after a 12 hour day at school I came up the lane and the car reflected and I slammed on the brakes....ummm yeah ...parked and off...but yep....that tired....once in a while he leaves his radar on....why I know you ask, as others tell me their radar detectors went off was he doing a stake out..ROFL.....his boss won't let me Jimmy rig his car so when people are speeding by I can flip a switch and turn on all the lights and sirens...Sigh....

    1. Haha, I'm glad someone else does the same thing! It's just a natural instinct for me. hehe
      Thanks so much for visiting me!

  8. I am also married to a cop. He works for the town that we live in, so it would be pretty embarrassing *if* I was pulled over (by his immediate supervisor or by a sheriff that fortunately knew him)!


    1. I actually have been pulled over by one of his coworkers... twice... lol (It's better than getting a ticket though! hah)