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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MIA, Real foods, and Butterflies

I have been totally MIA lately.  We have been really busy around the house and at school.  I am so looking forward to summer vaca!  

We have also completely changed our eating habits and it seems like I spend a lot more time cooking and prepping.  I'm loving all of our changes though, and I'm even down 7 pounds.  My husband and I made the decision to cut highly processed foods (more than 5 ingredients or ingredients we can't pronounce.)  It has been a wonderful change and we are loving it!  We both have more energy and just feel better all around.  I'm not saying we're perfect- we try to do our best at home and work, but we do occasionally go out to eat.  My biggest source of information and encouragement is 100 Days of Real Food.  Lisa and her family did 100 days of nothing but whole "real" foods.  It's great and everyone should check it out.  

Our class also received our caterpillars and they are now in the chrysalis stage.  I need to get my new pictures uploaded.  We made some super cool hallway art that I want to share with everyone.  

My fellow teacher and I also planned out a rocking 10 day countdown- more on it later.  I'm super excited about it.  Hope everyone is having fun counting down the days until summer!Pin It


  1. I am totally going to check out that food site. Thanks. I have Celiacs, so we eat a lot of whole foods.

    First in Maine

  2. You should totally try this recipe then! I used oats in place of the quinoa because I didn't have time to precook it and milk instead of cream. It was great- and gluten free!